photographer PAULA CODONER
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Q. Hello, please introduce yourself.
A. Hello. I'm Paula Cordoner, a photographer living and working in Valencia, Spain.

Q. In your previous works such as Kate Spade, Issey Miyake, and Flor Studio, the minimal composition and bold colors with the theme of flowers stand out.
How do you capture Paula's beautiful moments?
A. I like the refined flower arrangement. It is also a constant source of inspiration for me. I pay a lot of attention to composition and color, but the part I focus on the most is finding the angle where each flower can look the most beautiful.

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Q. Most of my work is done with film. Is there a reason you prefer to work on film?
A. I love the unique color, grain and texture that only film has.

Q. I wonder how the collaboration with Flor Studio started.
A. The reason I discovered Flor Studio was through Instagram. Flor (fLor) in Spanish means flower.
I discovered brands and products through hashtags and became interested in the concepts and images of flower-themed brands.
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Q. What are the criteria for choosing flowers to photograph?
A. When collaborating with a brand, we move according to the brand's creative brief.
Because the world is open to various flowers and possibilities to express them. In the case of Flor Studio, there were times when they took pictures reflecting their season concept.
When working on individual projects, I try to create flowers and images that I have never seen before.

Q. You went through several lockdowns due to COVID-19. During this period, the work continued.
A. After the first lockdown in Spain, a lot of changes have occurred. First of all, I couldn't go to the market to see the flowers.
Fortunately, the flower shop had a new system for taking orders over the phone and online, which allowed us to continue working. In this period, Tulip and Alstroemeria, which are intensely colored, were used. Currently, many people are vaccinated and it is better than last year.

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Q. You did a lot of work with flowers. Do you have a particular favorite flower?
A. My favorite flower these days is the peony. However, there are many flowers that I have not photographed yet, so there may be flowers that I like more.

Q. Paula's post card got a good response to Flor customers' Instagram unboxing images.
A. I'm really happy. It is because I can deliver the image of flowers that I expressed to Koreans who are far away.
I am happy to be able to see the unboxing images they produce along with their products through Instagram.

Q. What are flowers for Paula?
It is the subject and main subject of my photography work, and it stands for creativity and experimentation. Choose flowers, prepare for work, and enjoy every moment of shooting.
The creative way of expressing the naturalness of flowers itself is like an experiment to me.
2021. 11