collaboration with MINJINLEE
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The July flower art was done with illustrator Lee Min-jin.
Artist Lee Min-jin lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and works as an illustrator, and is in charge of the design part of towel brand Ikuna.
It conveys a warm and unique sensibility through the harmony of soft colors and the work of the characters.

Minjin Lee

Q: Hello, please introduce yourself.

Good morning. I'm illustrator Lee Min-jin. It has been 3 years since I brought my husband and two children to live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
I took a long break from painting because I was concentrating on childcare, but I started anew last year. I am also in charge of the design part at Ikuna, a towel brand run by my brother in Korea.

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Q: The expressions of the characters in the picture are impressive. It seems to resemble the author.

After the children were born, the subject I wanted to draw began to focus on myself.
If you look at the picture, you can always draw an expressionless expression.
Maybe you want to hide your feelings. They all have the same expressionless expression, but they all have different emotions.

Q: Is there any meaning to the material that appears mainly in the picture?

I often draw based on the desire to rest quietly, especially the feelings between mother and daughter.
A flower shape or color that suddenly caught my eye while walking down the street, a pretty label or package I found while walking around the mart,
Or I look around on Instagram and see commercials that pop up, and I tend to draw pictures by combining my feelings that day and the things I saw that day.
The place where I live is a landscape where things that are both exotic and strangely familiar are mixed, so I think a lot of interesting thoughts come to mind.

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Q: What is the most difficult part of completing your work?

I worry a lot about the content and composition of the picture, but I pay most attention to the harmony of colors.
If you don't like the color combination even in the slightest, you can paint over it and fix it until you like it.
It's easier to throw away the pictures you don't like until the end.

Q: Where and how do you get inspiration for your work?

Living in an unfamiliar city called Phnom Penh, I can say that everything I see is an inspiration.
The sound of a truck passing by every hour is day and night, and the road is flooded in an instant when it rains, but the view from the living room is coconut trees,
There are atmospheres that you can hardly feel in Korea, including mango trees and rare birds as big as eagles.

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Q: Is there a flower that you particularly like?

I like Lily of the Valley. At a time when I was very emotional, I watched a movie called Melancholia.
It was an extremely gloomy film, but it was a personally meaningful film that found great comfort and stability in the end.
The flower that Kirsten Dunst is holding in the poster is a Lily of the Valley.
I think I fell in love with the poster's atmosphere, and the flowers were also engraved in my mind.

Q: What are flowers to Lee Min-jin?

Whenever I see flowers, I feel overwhelmed when I see my son who wants to give it to me. I think I have always admired the way I looked when I saw flowers from a very young age.
I believe that the joy of flowers enriches life.

2021. 07