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As fond of parties as flowers, she enjoyed the party until late at night and lay in bed.
Maybe I just fell asleep, or the morning I woke up without removing my makeup.
Why is this in my bag?Traces of the party are all over the bag.
He comes out dressed in a hurry, but he's only holding his bag in his pajamas.
My heart is still in bed.
Keep the beautiful memories of the party with alcohol and songs in your bag.

She, who loves to party as much as she loves flowers, partied late into the night and finally laid herself on her bed.
Did she fall asleep without washing up? She still has her makeup on in the morning.
What are these things in her bag? Traces of the party.
She rushes to get changed, but she ends up coming out in her pajamas, holding her bag tightly with both hands as she feels like staying in bed.
Her bag is a reminder of the amazing party from last night filled with drinking and singing.
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